Plant Assessor Homescreen

Home Screen Functions

How to add a machine

How to create an assessment


How to complete a Risk Assessment

How to complete a risk assessment

How to print reports

How to update & manage outstanding actions

Answering Plant Assessor Questions

Guidance on how to answer the questions

Plant Assessor Homescreen (advanced functions)

How to review export fleet/stock list

How to remove a machine

Remove machine: sale assessment available

Remove machine: no sale assessment

How to schedule a future assessment

How to bulk schedule a future assessment

Plant Assessor Outstanding Actions Screen

How to use the action section

Plant Assessor Administration Screens

Admin functions

How to setup users and permission management

How to set owners and management

How to manage buyers (machinery dealers)

How to use the assessment dashboard

How to use scheduling dashboard

How to use actions dashboard

Plant Assessor Pre-Start Checks

Creating & Completing Daily Pre-Start Checks

Service Intervals


Sharing & Sites

Getting started...

Assigning Sites

Filtering using Sites

Site History


Site Requirements & Documents

Plant Assessor Library

Library Overview

Adding a Document

Machine Homepage - Library features

Machine Edit Screen - Library features

Updating an Expired Document

Contractor Management



Invite a contact to a pre-qual site process

Add machine(s) to pre-qual process

Approve Documents & Machines

Site Acceptance & Review Assessments

Assigning machines to site after pre-qual

Sponsoring Machines

Plant Assessor Pay As You Go / Plant Assessor Free

Plant Assessor Free

Plant Assessor PAYG

Change Log

Plant Assessor Updates & Development

Getting Started

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