PAYG Pricing & Billing


Machines in Plant Assessor are one of four levels - 


You can have a combination of machine levels in your membership. Machines are free until a Plus or Edge feature is used. Pricing is charged per machine, per month. Machines can be downgraded to a lower level at any time.

To read more about pricing, go to

 Machine Levels are indicated on the home screen via the

edit button. The colour corresponds to the level

eg. Free machine = green.


The letter indicates the machine type -

A = workshop/hand held eg. angle grinder, table saw

B = simple self propelled/trailing eg. tipper, plant trailer

C = complex machinery eg. excavator, bob cat

 How much am I getting charged?

If you are the account holder, a grey bar will appear at the top of your screen under the menu. Your running total for the month is shown on the right. A snap shot of your machine levels is shown on the left.


To view your billing status in more detail, click MY ACCOUNT then BILLING STATUS.

To view/change your payment details (update CC etc) go to the PAYMENT OPTIONS tab.

Need a copy of an invoice? - click on INVOICE HISTORY



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