How to bulk schedule assessments


When creating and managing a schedule for a large number of machines, you wish to bulk schedule assessments.
This function sees you able to update the assessment schedule details for a group of machines.
To use this function, simply filter down to the group of machines (e.g. all backhoes in fleet,) click SELECT ALL MACHINES, click SCHEDULE ASSESSMENTS enter assessment date, assessor, assessment purpose and state.

Note: managing your assessment schedule/plan

Plant Assessor's activity dashboards (in the ADMIN tab) are a great tool to help you understand the status of your assessment schedule. They contain great snapshot information to help you identify if your plan is appropriate, and if it is being met. Please refer to separate help sections on dashboards for more information.

1. Keyword Search

2. Select All Machines


4. Enter details in pop-up window

NOTE: When bulk scheduling, you can assign some or all of the following aspects of future assessment(s): Next assessment date, assessor, purpose and state.

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