Sharing Pre-Start Checks


This process if very intuitive. Completed checks can be shared via email with anyone as long as they have an email address. The email notification contains the machine details, the pre-start status and a PDF of the completed pre-start attached.

If you wish to share a copy follow the simple steps outlined below.

1. Type the email address of the person you wish to share your pre-start check with NOTE: the list below will show existing Plant Assessor users or emails you have previously added.

2. If the email is not in the list click ADD

3. Tick users you wish to share with from the list. NOTE: repeat steps 1-3 to share with multiple people.

4. Once all people are chosen click EMAIL REPORT TO (1) PERSON

TIPS: The last sharing will be remembered, click UNTICK any user by tapping the green tick. Added email addresses can be permanently removed by clicking on the bin icon twice. Click close to NOT SHARE.


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