Reviewing Past Pre-Start History


Every pre-op ever created for a machine can be viewed at anytime.

1. Use KEYWORD SEARCH box to find machine

2. Once you find the machine, click EDIT MACHINE, then the HISTORY tab (top of the screen)



  • Pre-op STATUS RESETS every night
  • The CREATE PRE-OP button on the right if the machine details appears if the pre-op has not been completed
  • If you MOUSE OVER a pre-op icon message will pop up detailing who completed the pre-op and at what time
  • On the home screen your machine will have either a green tick, and orange hazard sign or a red cross.
    • Green tick = right to operate
    • Orange hazard sign = right to operate, non critical issues require attention
    • Red cross = do not operate machine, critical issues require attention
  • More than one pre-op can be completed in a 24hr period, simply click EDIT on the machine record then click PRE-OP CHECKLIST at bottom of page
  • The most recently created pre-op is reflected on the home screen


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