How to use the Home Screen



1. Add new machine: Replaces the “create new unit,” when you want to set up a machine and do a risk assessment

2. Keyword search: A super powerful way to find you machine - just key in any part of the make, model, identifier

3. Filtering tools:  Filter by assessors, fleet status, owners or use advanced search for any combination of make, model, type, identifier etc

4. Set future assessment schedule: Set next assessment date, assessor, assessment purpose & state for one or more machines

5. Export machine data: To excel for further analysis

6. Custom reports: Produce pre-operational checks & safe operating procedures

7. Intuitive machine & assessment status: At a glance, you know what the machine’s status is, and will be prompted to progress that machine in line with your plan

8. Enter answers: A one click option to complete an assessment

9. Print assessments: Print direct from the home screen with one click

10. Edit & manage machine: Click here to manage this machine - including updating next assessment date, owner, identifier etc. This button also indicates the machine type (ABC.)


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