How to use the Home Screen


1. Add new machine: add a machine to complete pre-ops, risk assessements, set service intervals & more!

2. Keyword search: A powerful way to find you machine - just key in any part of the make, model etc

3. Filtering tools: Filter by assessors, fleet status, owners or use advanced search for any combination of make, model, type, identifier etc

4. Service Interval indicators: shows completed service, upcoming & overdue - click to view more details

5. Pre-op status icons: green tick = ok, orange hazard = outstanding actions, use with caution red cross = not safe to use machine until hazards are addressed.

6. Export machine data: To excel for further analysis

7. Custom reports: Produce pre-operational checks & safe operating procedures

8. Downgrade Machine(s): for PAYG users only, option to bulk downgrade

9. Enter answers: A one click option to complete an assessment

10. Library status: view the library status at a glance, hover over the icon to view docs added & missing docs

11. Edit & manage machine: Click the 3 vertical dots to edit the machine, create an assessment, view the machine profile etc

12. Machine & price snapshot bar: for PAYG users only

13. Pre-qual machines: a contractor management functionality for PAYG users only



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