Adding a New Site


1. Click SITES in main menu

2. Click ADD NEW SITE 

3. Enter the site name & tick the checkbox to make the site active.

Select a site status if you are using contractor management functionality
(NOTE: this option does not apply to all users - skip to step 5. if site status does not appear on your screen ) The site status will affect the visibility of your fleet list & document requirements. Click on each status to view further details (see table below)

(NOTE: only site owners & admins are able to make changes to the site status. Changing the status may have serious implications to assigned machines)

4. Click NEXT to set SPONSORSHIP rules. Select no sponsorship, or set manual or automatic sponsorship of machines added to this site. Choose the level you wish to sponsor the machine(s) at as well as a start action and an end date. Accept T & Cs, then click NEXT.

5. Add SUB CONTRACTOR DOCUMENTS(docs you require from others) via the third tab. If default site requirements are set they will be listed to the right of the screen and also appear in the document type list with a lock symbol. Default requirements are mandatory documents - they can only be edited by the administrator.

6. To select additional site requirements, expand the headings and click the tick next to the document type.

7. Click NEXT to add SITE OWNER DOCUMENTS(docs you will provide to others)

8. Required docs are again marked with a lock symbol


10. Choose a document type from the dropdown list, add a file, click SAVE, then CLOSE.

11. Your document will then appear in the SITE OWNER DOCUMENT list

12. Once finished, click CLOSE


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