How to Complete a Risk Assessment


1. MACHINE DETAILS TAB: Your unit details will be pre-populated in the Machine Details and Assessment Purpose tabs of the Assessment screen. If applicable, adjust or add further details and click SAVE 

2. ASSESSMENT PURPOSE TAB: Choose assessment purpose, state, enter assessor and other details as required. Click NEXT to proceed..

3. ..OR if required, print a paper copy of the survey 


NOTE: If you're conducting your assessment offline using a paper survey, you will need to log back in to enter your answers. You do this by finding your machine in the HOME screen and clicking ENTER ANSWERS

4. MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS TAB: Enter or modify your machine specs if require and click NEXT

5. MACHINE EXTRAS TAB: Select extras that are fitted to the machine (if any) and click NEXT

ASSESSMENT QUESTIONS TAB: You must answer all questions. You can add comments on individual questions. Once you have completed ALL questions click NEXT.  You can only proceed if you have completed ALL questions.

- You can choose to click SAVE button on bottom right hand of screen and complete later.
- When you have completed a section you can choose to minimise the blue bar by using the  -  symbols


7. ASSESSMENT NOTES TAB: Enter any additional notes regarding the machine and add images or documentation that are relevant to the survey if applicable and click NEXT

TIP: to add images or documents choose a category, enter a caption and select a file from your computer. 


8. O/S ACTIONS AND REPORTS TAB: Editable outstanding actions will be displayed for the machine. You can choose to view and/or print PDF of the reports shown below. By clicking CLOSE you will be taken to the home screen.

TIP: you can do almost anything related to this machine in this screen. Manage outstanding actions, print reports and order safety labels.


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