Adding a Machine Specific Document


Individual machine specific documents such as Condition Reports, Machine Insurance Records, Photos, Registration papers and Service/Maintenance records are added via the library tab on the MACHINE EDIT SCREEN. 

1. Find your machine using the KEYWORD SEARCH 

2. Click on the grey LIBRARY button 

3. OR hover over the library button and click on the green + button


4. Click ADD DOCUMENT, choose the document type from the drop down list
5. Select if this document is public (NOTE: ticking this box will allow PA members that you share your machine with to see this document)
6. Add notes and an expiry date if required (NOTE: only some documents require an expiry date eg. Insurance Documents.)
7. Click ADD NEW FILE, select your file, click OPEN/CHOOSE (NOTE: Once the document is uploaded, it will appear in the file list - sorted by upload date, newest > oldest)

8. Files can be deleted by clicking the bin icon before clicking SAVE (NOTE: files cannot be deleted after clicking SAVE.)

9. Once completed, click SAVE

10. Additional files can be added by clicking ADD NEW FILE - follow the same steps

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