Sites are..


Sites are projects, depots and other places where machines are located. You can assign a machine to it's actual site. Once assigned, users can manage machines by site including filtering, exporting and bulk scheduling.

Features and benefits of the sites function include:

  • An admin management page allows for sites to be added, activated, deactivated, shown publicly and a history of machines at a site on any day to be viewed and/or exported.
  • Sites are either active or inactive, e.g. a site can be made inactive once a project finishes
  • Active sites are either public or not. Public sites are visible to all other Plant Assessor - they can assign their machines to these sites. e.g. a hired machine can be assigned to one of our sites by the machine owner.
  • Contracted/hired in machined in your membership are marked with a downward arrow.
  • An upward arrow indicates that your machine is assigned to another Plant Assessor member's site
  • You can view the pre-op and assessment status and history for these machines. You can even conduct a pre-op or an assessment on the machines that you don't own that are assigned to your site.
  • Assignment of any site is via the edit machine screen or the sharing page of the pre-op process.
  • Either member can un-assign a site.


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