Set default site requirements


Setting default site document requirements in Plant Assessor allows you to set the minimum document requirements for people and machines on your sites. Default documents effect every site in your PA membership. Once they are set, every site created will feature these default document settings.

Share site and company policies and procedures with contractors and set comprehensive compliance standards. Default site requirements are especially useful for those that maintain multiple sites (eg. Prime Contractors.) Default requirements also increase transparency - identify non-compliant sites at a glance.

Definitions -

• Sub contractor documents = docs you require from people coming to your site.

• Site owner documents = docs that you are required to provide to the people coming to your site.


To set default site documents - 

1. Only membership admins can set default requirements. To do so, go to SITES, then click SET DEFAULT SITE REQUIREMENTS


 2. Use the - + buttons to expand/collapse the document types

3. Click on the tick next to the document type - this will turn green.

4. Required documents are listed down the right side of the screen. To remove a document from this list, click the red cross, or uncheck the green tick.

5. Click SAVE, then CLOSE


Site icons - 

Check compliance at a glance - a green tick means minimum requirements are met. An orange exclamation mark means they are not. The number of required docs v. the number of required docs added is also shown.


Bulk site actions - 

1.  Bulk site actions, such as: - match default requirements - remove all machines - make inactive can be completed by selecting sites, then clicking the applicable button on the left of the screen.

2. In the pop-up screen click, click the green button to confirm the action.


What happens when I add a new site? - see Adding a new site

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