Plant Assessor Free Overview


A Plant Assessor free membership allows unlimited access to the free features of Plant Assessor (no CC required.)

1. Plant Assessor Premium Features can be used anytime by upgrading your membership to PAYG To see an outline of paid (premium) features, click View Premium Features.

2. A Hover will appear over Premium Features (desktop.) Once a Premium Feature (eg. Library, Create Risk Assessment) is clicked, a pop-up will appear. To upgrade your account click Yes - enter your details in the following screen and click Convert.

3. You can also upgrade your membership by clicking Access Premium Features (PAYG)

4. Click Trial Account to change your Membership to a Trial.



What Features are Free?

• Add Unlimited Machines

• Add Unlimited Users

• Digital Pre start checks

• Profile Management

• Add Machines to Favourites

• Scheduling Notifications

• Scheduling Dashboards

• Export to Excel


What Features are Premium?

• Add Documents

• Sites

• Create Risk Assessments

• SOPs

• Share in/out

• Dashboards

• Fleet Action Management

• Trade In


How is a Trial account different from a Free Membership?

A trial account allows restricted access to all Free and Premium Plant Assessor features. Premium Features like Risk Assessments are shown in a sample only view. A Plant Assessor Free Membership allows access to free features only. Premium Features cannot be viewed at all.


 My Trial has expired - what now?

Once logged in a pop-up will appear giving you two

options -

1. Upgrade to PAYG OR

2. Convert to a Free Membership.



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