How to add & manage a Connection


Prime Contractors are now able to establish a connection with their Sub Contractors via Plant Assessor.

1.  Go to the CONNECTION tab in the main menu


3. A pop-up will appear. Enter the email address of your connection (sub-contractor)

An email will be sent to the specified address with instructions to accept/reject the connection


4.   A connection will have the status of - 

Orange pending = connection pending

Red Cross = connection rejected

Green link = connection accepted

To manage a connection - 

1.  Click on the vertical blue dots, then CONNECTION DETAILS - view contact information, library documents and connection contacts

2. To add a new contact (ie. a person who works for the connected company) again, click on the vertical blue dots, then click ADD CONTACT. Select the contact you wish to connect with from the drop down list, then click CONNECT.


3.  Click on each connection row to view all contacts (people)

4.   Use the filter on the left of the page to sort by the connection status

5. Hover over the library icon to view required, missing, approved and rejected documents.

A red library icon means documents are missing or have been rejected

A green library icon shows documents all required documents have been added and/or approved

An orange libray icon shows expired and/or pending documents

6. Click on the Library icon to view, approve or reject your connections documents.

Locate the document, click approve (thumbs up) or reject (thumbs down,) then click SAVE.

NOTE: You must add a comment to a rejected document.

7. To delete a connection select the connection(s), then click REMOVE CONNECTIONS

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