How to add machines to a pre-qual site process


1.  Click on the My Machines tab on the machines home screen

2. Select your machine, then click ADD TO PRE-QUAL SITE PROCESS

3. A modal will appear. Choose a site, then click SAVE.
(NOTE: once assigned to pre-qual site 
your machine details & public documents will be visible to the site owner)

4. The machine edit modal will then show pre-qual site under the HISTORY Tab


5. View/manage machines assigned to pre-qual sites by clicking the Pre-qual Machines tab on the machine home screen

6. Use the Filters down the left of the page to view machines assigned to -

• Pre-qual sites you own

• Pre-qual sites you have been invited to

7. To remove a machine from a pre-qual process go to your Pre-qual Machines tab and select a site. Select the machine(s) that you wish to remove, then click REMOVE MACHINES FROM LIST. A modal will appear - tick confirm & click SAVE.


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