How to sponsor a machine


A Prime Contractor may opt to pay the costs associated with Plant Assessor use for the machines that a Sub Contractor uses to fulfil a contract - ie. the amount of time a machine is used on a site.

Prime Contractors can only sponsor machines that have been added to a pre-qual site process.

The Prime Contractor must first add a Sub Contractor as a connection (learn more about connections) and invites them to add machines to a pre-qual site process 
(learn more about pre-qual sites.)

A Prime Contractor can choose to sponsor machines manually or setup automatic sponsorship - choose to sponsor all machines on a particular site.

Steps for a Prime Contractor to manually sponsor machines:

1. Click the Pre-qual Machines tab on the machines home screen

2. Select a site, then find the machine you wish to sponsor

3. Click the three vertical dots next to the machine, then select SPONSOR MACHINES

4. A modal will appear - select the sponsorship machine level (Plus or Edge $3-$15 p/m) enter an end date and accept the payment terms and conditions

5. The Sub Contractor (machine owner) will receive an email notifying them of the sponsorship

6. All sponsored machines are shown with an icon ($) on machine & pre-qual machine tabs. Hover over the icon to view more details.

Steps for a Prime Contractor to set automatic sponsorship:

Automatic sponsorship is set when a site is created.

1. On the SITES page click ADD NEW SITE

2. Enter the site name & select a site status in the site details tab. Click NEXT to set SPONSORSHIP rules.

3. Select automatic sponsorship. This means you will automatically sponsor any machine on this site. Choose a sponsorship machine level, start & end date, accept the monthly charges, then click SAVE

4. A Prime or Sub Contractor may view sponsorship charges or credits anytime via

My Account > Billing status

This tab shows -

• Monthly machine charges

• Commitment level (if applicable)

• Third party charges (shared in) machines you sponsor (-$)

• Your machines that are sponsored (credit +$)

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