How to review an Assessment


A Prime Contractor can conduct a review of an existing assessment against the machine as it is at the time of review i.e. now. The review results show any variances between the original and review assessment plus any actions required.

1. Find the machine, click on the vertical blue dots, then click REVIEW ASSESSMENT

2. The machine modal will open at tab 3 - History.
Find the assessment that you wish to review and click REVIEW ASSESSMENT (or click UPDATE to make changes to an assessment that has already been reviewed.)

3. The review assessment is identical to the original assessment i.e. specs, answers, comments and photos. The background colour shows the original answer -
eg. green = yes answers. Click on each line to agree, or select an alternative answer. A comment must be added if the question is answered differently to the original assessment.

TIP: Scroll down to bottom of the page & select ACCEPT ANSWERSif you agree with all the original answers.

4. Once review assessment is complete, click through to the last tab 7. ACTIONS & RESULTS to view any differences between the two assessments. Download a review report or share via email.



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