How to complete a Site Acceptance Checklist/Assessment


Questions in a Site Acceptance Checklist (Assessment) are specific to a site & Plant Assessor Membership. A Sub Contractor can complete a Site Acceptance Checklist (Assessment) after they are invited to add machines to pre-qual site process by a Prime Contractor.

1. Click on the vertical blue dots next to the machine, then click CREATE ASSESSMENT

2. Choose the SITE ACCEPTANCE CHECKLISTas the purpose, then select the site that the checklist/assessment is specific to. (Note:only active public sites that the sub contractor has been invited to will show in this list)

3. Tab 5 displays all the checklist/assessment questions. Answer all honestly. After completed, click through to Tab 7 to view actions and an assessment report.

4. This assessment/checklist can be reviewed at any time following the assessment review process 

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