How to approve a document


A Prime Contractor can set site default documents that a Sub Contractor must comply to. Once a Sub Contractor uploads the appropriate documents the Prime Contractor is then able to reject or approve them.

1. (As a Prime Contractor) click on the Pre-qual Machines tab on the machines home screen, then select a site on the left of the page

2. The library icon next to each machine shows the documents required by the pre-qual site the machine is assigned to

3. To view, approve or reject a document click on the library icon. Click to view the document, select approve or reject. A comment is required if a document is rejected.


4. The machine owner will be notified of the approval/rejection outcome via email. The machine owner may also hover over the library icon to view the status of each document.

Green tick = all documents added and approved

Orange pending = documents added and awaiting approval

Orange hazard = expired documents

Red cross = missing or rejected documents

(Learn how to approve pre-qual machines)


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