Assigning 3rd party (sub contractor) machines to your site


As a Prime Contractor you may need to assign a machine that you do not own to your site. This need may arise once a sub contractor/3rd party machine has been approved through your site pre-qual process. The diagram below outlines the steps that need to be completed before step 5. Assign a sub contractor/3rd party machine to site -


Pre-qual site process - the process in which a machine is 'pre approved' before it gets to the physical site - i.e. machine maintenance is up to date & all required documents are supplied.
Physical site - the actual work site


To assign a sub contractor/3rd party machine to your site:

1. Find the machine under the Pre-qual Machines tab


2. Click ASSIGN TO SITE (only visible next to machines that have been approved)


3. OR in the Approve/Reject Machine screen click SAVE & ASSIGN TO SITE (only visible once APPROVE is selected)


4. Select your site in the site field - then click SAVE

5. Once the machine is assigned to site the machine owner (or sub contractor) is notified via email -


6. In the email, the machine owner has the ability to reject this assignment. In this case the site owner (or prime contractor) is then advised via email



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