Pricing & Billing


Each machine in Plant Assessor are one of four levels - 


You can have a combination of machine levels in your membership.
Machines are free until a Plus 
or Edge feature is used. Pricing is charged per machine, per month. Machines can be downgraded to a lower level at any time.

 Machine Levels are indicated on the home screen via the edit button.
The colour corresponds to the level

eg. Free machine = green.


The letter indicates the machine type -

A = workshop/hand held eg. angle grinder, table saw

B = simple self propelled/trailing eg. tipper, plant trailer

C = complex machinery eg. excavator, bob cat



 How much am I getting charged?

✔️   Visible to Membership Account Holder
   Not Visible to Operators & Assessors

If you are the account holder, a grey bar will appear at the top of your screen under the menu. Your running total for the month is shown on the right (you may also see an upgrade/overuse message.) A snap shot of your machine levels is shown on the left.




To view your billing in more detail click MY ACCOUNT

(Note: The My Account pop-up display will differ based on your role - Membership Account Holder, Assessor and Operator. See your role(s) in Plant Assessor via the People Tab in the main menu)




Usage Tab

✔️   Visible to Membership Account Holder
   Not Visible to Operators & Assessors

This tab shows a breakdown of your memberships use and associated costs.

Plant Assessor Usage displays a list of machine levels & costs, sponsorship fees and additional costs (add ons) such as Share in fees, On/Off Hire Inspections and Machine Pre-qual.

Click Extras to view a run down of other charges such as Professional Service and Inspection fees.


(Note: Extras & Overuse will only be visible to memberships who have incurred such costs.)



Billing Tab

✔️   Visible to Membership Account Holder
   Not Visible to Operators & Assessors

This tab will look dierent for each user.

If you have signed up to Plant Assessor for 12 months this tab will show your level commitment & breakdown of spend value & bonus. Overuse warnings will be displayed if you have exceeded your spend value. To upgrade your commitment level use the green slider to find a value that suits you. Agree to the T&C’s, then click COMMIT.

If you are a PAYG (pay as you go) user this tab gives you the option to commit and save. Commit to Plant Assessor for 12 months and receive bonus spend value. A recommended commitment level is loaded for you - based on your current usage. Change your commitment level using the green slider. Agree to the T&C’s, then click COMMIT.



Commitment Level = what you pay monthly/yearly

Bonus = Extra Plant Assessor $ for committing to 12 months

Total spend value = Commitment level + Bonus



Billing History Tab

✔️   Visible to Membership Account Holder
   Not Visible to Operators & Assessors

This tab displays all invoices and stores your credit card details.

Invoices are listed by Membership (Plant Assessor usage) or Additional Charges (charges outside your Plant Assessor PAYG usage such as Professional Services and training.) To view and pay each invoice click on the line item.

This will open xero invoice in a new window. Use the search bar to locate a invoices with ease.




Credit Card Expired Warning

✔️   Visible to Membership Account Holder
   Not Visible to Operators & Assessors

This warning appears when your credit card on file has expired.
To avoid being lapsed payments and being locked out of your account click Credit Card EXPIRED, enter your new details and click UPDATE CARD.





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